Custom apps for connected devices

Binary Vision creates custom apps for connected devices that work around you, your business and your customers

Why do we need a custom connected app?

“Isn’t there a SaaS package that does that? An off-the-shelf dashboard or something?”

It’s tempting to think so.

But in real life, connected devices are very different. The data’s different. And people are different too, including your customers. They deserve something that truly works for them. And for you and your business too.

Taking a SaaS platform or off-the-shelf dashboard and trying to mold it into something useful is a fraught process. You end up working around the platform.

Luckily, there’s another way.

Binary Vision designs and creates custom apps for connected devices that work around your business and your customers.

Five steps to the perfect connected app

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it that makes Binary Vision unique. Here’s a snapshot of our DCM (Digital Convergence Mapping) methodology:

  1. Truly understand the connected devices / systems, and the data from them – finding the value that’s often hidden in that data, through in-depth analysis
  2. Extensive consultation with business stakeholders to capture the key goals and ROI opportunities that connectivity provides
  3. Talk with customers (and other app users) about what they need and want
  4. Design and iteratively (i.e. Agile) build a custom app – including innovative ways to “tell the connected data story”
  5. Continue to engage with stakeholders, and research with customers / users, to ensure the app is truly valuable and useful to everyone

Where your business goals and customer needs overlap, that’s the sweet spot. And that’s where we build our custom apps:

(More info on: Digital Convergence Mapping)

Be where your customers are

Binary Vision specialise in delivering highly adaptive applications, websites and progressive web apps. These ‘PWAs’ can be used just like any website or effortlessly downloaded onto your device and used as an app.

And our apps adapt in real time – to maximise the experience by customer type, viewing device and user preference. They don’t just operate on phones, tablets and PCs. Our connected apps work differently and optimally on each.

That’s how Binary Vision creates connected applications which customers love

Custom connected app case study

Take a look at how we created a custom web app (PWA) for Oxford Instruments – capturing the business value in their connected microscope detectors