Making remote videos remotely interesting

You’ve been asked to create a video.

It could be for your organization’s website or to get some new information out to colleagues, contacts, and customers.

Time was, crew and kit would arrive and plug into all the available sockets before anything happened at all. Now it’s just you and your phone, maybe an optional cat or rampaging baby.

Our very talented videographer Jane Clegg has filmed a series of one-minute clips on how you can make videos filmed remotely, remotely interesting.

Each clip looks at a different aspect of making good videos.

1. Mouthpiece – Who, and why?

2. Motivation – Share insights with your audience.

3. Mode – Prepare to be on screen.

4. Momentum – Speaking confidently to camera.

5. Magic – The value of being a one-take wonder.

6. Market – Is there a market for your video?

We also have a guide to the things you need to think about before you start filming.