Inspired design thinking

We’re working on a really exciting branding project for a high-profile client. We can’t say too much more than that at the moment but we’re really enjoying exploring branding ideas.

We asked our fantastic lead designer Kate Hayden-Ellis where she draws her inspiration when working on major projects – and why good design is so important.

For Kate, like many people, branding is incredibly important in her own online purchasing decisions and says: “I totally judge a book by its cover! A book will be procured because of the exquisite cover or a bottle of wine because the label is extraordinary and perhaps they have chosen a different type of bottle really emphasising their attention to detail. I like that someone’s taking the time to really create their brand and their labelling because I find it inspirational as well.”

One site Kate frequents is Awwwards.com where agencies showcase their clients’ websites and the sites are voted on. She says it’s a massive source of inspiration, as well as Creative Review and Béhance to name a few.

There are a few brands Kate is a fan of. Beauty Pie branding being one of them. “This brand has been well executed, delivering a good, clean, simple website with high quality products. Having top end products that are beautifully boxed with an efficient customer user experience cements this into a prestigious brand. They really haven’t left anything unturned here, which is what you want if you are spending money on purchasing nice things. It gives you a bit more trust in the brand, and makes you feel like they’re making the effort to make you feel good.”

Recently Kate has been researching sites with parallax scrolling for ideas of how we can creatively implement it for one of our major clients. One she loved looking though was moooi which uses the most beautiful animation and user interface. “It’s quite simply stunning.”

When we are working on design and branding for our clients, we always aim to develop websites that are beautiful, accessible and useful. All three elements are important, there’s no point having a beautiful site that doesn’t work properly for everyone, or a site that functions fantastically that no one wants to look at.

We believe this can be achieved whatever the subject. The CSA Centre for instance deals with a very difficult issue (protecting children against sexual abuse), but as part of our work with them, we managed to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing and respectful of the subject. We advised them on the types of material which would lift the subject with positive images, balanced with more sober ones.

You can see the CSA site here.

If your organisation is ready for a brand or website refresh please get in touch, we’d love to help.