“Creatively and technically BV are first-class”

Adam Proctor, RAF

Royal Air Force: Typhoon Quest

Putting visitors in the pilot’s seat.

The challenge

To publicise their latest fighter the RAF commissioned a full-sized replica Eurofighter Typhoon and two replica cockpits. Exhibition visitors could climb into these models and sit in the pilot’s seat. The only problem was that these static, inert exhibits did nothing to engage the public. How could we attract people, give them a memorable experience and then gently move them on?

What we did

BV created a highly interactive, high-adrenaline video game experience: Typhoon Quest (TQ), to run in all the Typhoon replicas. The game uses low-flying footage from RAF jets, 3-D CGI, an intense bass-boosted soundtrack and a haptic (force feedback) joystick – combining to create compelling gameplay.

To draw people (especially younger people) to RAF stands, TQ uses large plasma screens to show the live gaming experience to the waiting crowds.

To ensure a steady throughput of users: the game is a fixed-length experience, ensuring our target throughput of under three minutes per user. Visitors learn how the game works while watching the screens in the queue – making the game easy to use and maximising the number of users.

We also created a web spin-off – with much of the impact and excitement of the original but at a fraction of the bandwidth.

Download a PC desktop version of Typhoon Quest

How it turned out

The typhoon replicas have been used at dozens of events, where they are invariably surrounded by excited crowds with people queuing up to play Typhoon Quest and put themselves in the pilot’s seat.

User evaluation: after playing Typhoon Quest, 92.7% of users rated it ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

“Binary Vision are always upfront about what anything will cost and stick rigidly to budget. Creatively and technically BV are first-class, often turning around projects and work in a fraction of the time taken by other agencies. On more than one occasion they’ve been able to do bespoke work at incredibly short notice”

Adam Proctor SO2 Digital Media, RAF