“Collectively we’ve created something amazing and I hope you guys feel as happy about it as I do”

Linda Capper, BAS

British Antarctic Survey

Three teams pulling together.

The challenge

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) had a website that was dense and dated – and didn’t integrate with their other business applications.

What we did

Working with our partner, lead agency Helpful Technology, and BAS’s own technical team we developed custom WordPress plugins that pull in data from several sources to build and populate content pages.

  • An API is used to populate the content management system (CMS) with the basic staff profiles maintained by the business. Staff can now update their basic profile to create rich bio entries including a list of their publications, automatically pulled from the NERC repository.
  • CMS users can create custom map segments from BAS’s own map projections and layers, pulled from their map servers. After adding marker pins and notes these custom map segments can be quickly and simply added to the website using WordPress shortcodes.
  • CMS users can search for images in BAS’s digital asset management (DAM) system and pull them into the CMS media library for use on the site. They can also populate and manage the ever popular ‘Penguin of the day’ feature.
  • Other API feeds are used to update vacancies, projects and teams.

How it turned out

BAS have moved from a dense, hard to update website to one that serves their varied visitors well and integrates seamlessly with their business applications.

“You have helped us realise a long-held ambition to create a cracking new website that gives us an opportunity to showcase what British Antarctic Survey does – using the latest web technologies.  Thank you.”

Linda Capper, Head of Communications, BAS