“Your skill and expertise enabled us to realise a vision way beyond our original one.”

Guy Young, Homerton Hospital (NHS)

NHS: ‘Good Attitude’

Creating mini-dramas from actual hospital complaints, to improve patient experiences across the NHS.

The challenge

Most hospital complaints concern how staff behave towards patients – every day issues of respect, rather than clinical negligence. We were asked to make a London Hospital’s rather dry ‘Code of Behaviour’ an engaging and effective learning experience.

What we did

In partnership with Homerton Hospital we created a series of TV-quality dramatised case stories, showing both poor- and good-practice examples for each of the nine items on the hospital’s code of behaviour.

Using a hugely experienced (including for TV) film crew and talent – from script to screen – we created the mini dramas from real-life hospital complaints. In so doing, we anonymised the original complaints – and we were able to make the learning points more emotionally resonant and impactful.

How it turned out

In addition to superb uptake within the Homerton, dozens of NHS trusts and teaching organisations across the UK have subsequently licensed ‘Good Attitude’ – with the Homerton recouping their investment.

Highly Commended: AHC Awards

Finalist: HSJ Awards

“We felt totally involved the whole way through the project. Your skill and expertise enabled us to realise a vision way beyond our original one. You were clear about what was and wasn’t achievable and how much things would cost us. You stuck to budget and, I have to say, I think we have got incredible value for money.”

Guy Young, Homerton Hospital (NHS)