Some people think digital is all about technology.

We think digital is all about people.

From building long-term relationships with our clients, to delivering compelling interaction to their users. Because happy users = happy clients.

Of course, a profound up-to-the-minute understanding of the technology is critical too. It's one of five key skills that go into our award-winning digital media – from web to social to mobile.

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From the blog

Playful 2014

I attend my first Playful conference

Is 'nudge' spinning its wheels?

'Nudge’ came to prominence with the book of the same name by Thaler and Sunstein in 2008.

Rupert Bowater twitter thumbnail

Rupert Bowater  @sparrk @webstandards I've got your email and I'm betting @dletorey et al have your NI #, star sign, fingerprints...

06:54PM Oct 31

Paul Norris twitter thumbnail

Paul Norris  @ifenn My colleague @RupertLB spotted you may be free; we need UX for urgent, interesting focused job. Follow me so I can DM/talk?

09:33AM Oct 24

Peter B twitter thumbnail

Peter B  “@alexjkirkwood: One of the stranger programming concepts I've come across at #sotr13!” Great stuff! #bv

11:38AM Jun 7