The hyper-connected laboratory: Making it happen in your lab is easier than you think

Our work with Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis has enabled them to develop new intimacy with customers, drive growth and deliver product innovation.

Download Sharon Palmer’s White Paper ‘Opportunities for the Hyper-connected laboratory’

Let’s work together to build bespoke hyper-connected laboratories.

  1. Digital Business Strategy
    Using a blend of customer and user research with data lake analysis, creative ideation and product mock-ups, we deliver validated use cases and technical feasibility to speed business decisions. We’ll help you put together a robust business case.

    Ed Jackson, Service Business and Product Manager, Oxford Instruments: I’m no longer selling a dream, but piece of art
  2. Hyper-Connected Implementation
    We provide a scalable, expert team in digital infrastructure and trailblazing digital designers to reliably deliver solutions that people love to use. Bespoke for your unique business challenges – no compromises.
  3. The Human Journey
    Put customers, users and stakeholders at the centre every decision – no wasted time or money. Each iteration involves customer and stakeholder engagement. Our expert user research team will get the maximum input from the people who matter.
  4. Bring New Value to your Data – Anywhere
    Exit the data silo. We’ll bring data together, analyse the value, and enable the display of only the information that makes a difference to users. Data now becomes useful – every moment, everywhere, on any device.

The Hyper-Connected Analytical Instrument

We have worked with high-technology companies of all shapes and sizes on their digital transformation challenges. Wherever you are on your connected device journey – if you are just starting out or have already made some investments and it’s not working for you (we have turned a few failed ideas into outstanding solutions in our time!).

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Sharon worked in strategy development for 20 years with PerkinElmer, most recently leading as Director of the Global Application team. In the past year she has been working with Binary Vision to accelerate connected solutions for Oxford Instruments.


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    Download Sharon’s white paper Opportunities for the Hyper-connected laboratory