Royal Air Force

Digital strategy, innovation, delivery, support

From humble beginnings, with a single website implementation over 10 years ago, Binary Vision have grown to become the RAF’s lead digital agency, delivering all of the Royal Air Force’s 100+ public-facing websites – as well as their global staff Intranet, ‘Airspace’.

As well as all technical implementation (including a bespoke, secure CMS called Magenta), Binary Vision is a leading player in the RAF’s digital strategy.

Binary Vision has also designed and created a series of highly targeted and innovative user-centred tools (see ‘Power to our users’) which feature across this ‘family’ of over 100 websites.

Key RAF public-facing sites include:

A lasting partnership

For all of the above sites, Binary Vision is responsible for all technical implementation, and is jointly responsible (with LIDA) for interactive innovation.

COI provide client management, while all three agencies are jointly responsible for the RAF’s digital strategy.

This has been a successful partnership for many years now.

‘Airspace’, the RAF’s global intranet

Airspace is a safe and secure place for RAF staff to share and belong.

Part global professional intranet, part private social network, Airspace is available to all 40,000 RAF staff and their invited guests – typically family or close friends.

Airspace plays a key dual role:

  • As a professional network it contains RAF news, information, a document repository and share, (e.g. to the appropriate expenses form!), etc. It supports numerous advanced networking features, such as the ability for users to create dedicated inline microsites for areas of special interest, open and invitation-only live chat rooms, a variety of web forums, a dedicated RAF media library, etc.
  • A social network – for staff and their select, invited guests (usually family) – to keep in touch out of the public glare. It’s invaluable for staff to be able to keep in touch with family back home – and features a number of innovative features, like the ability for staff on operations to send home Christmas video messages.

Airspace is an invaluable resource for the RAF and their staff; an organisation which is spread globally, and where staff are required to move location regularly – often to areas of overseas operation where contact with colleagues and with loved ones is both difficult and essential.

As such, Airspace fills the gap between open and generic social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, etc.) and locked down MoD intranets which are not open to friends / family (and they are often also unavailable in areas of operation overseas).

Airspace is currently being expanded with new features, such as rich-media personal profiles.

Client feedback

“The Royal Air Force has been using the services of Binary Vision for a few years now and, with their expertise, has developed numerous highly successful websites. The service they provide is excellent, personable and flexible, which is extremely useful when developing complex projects. I have found them a pleasure with which to work. They have helped the Royal Air Force greatly improve the fundamental showcase to the public and they frequently come up with innovative suggestions to keep improving the projects.”

Squadron Leader Wayne Palmer, RAF

Awards and commendations

  • Webby Honoree
  • IMA (Interactive Media Awards): outstanding achievement
  • BIMA (British Interactive Multimedia Association: nominated finalist
  • Forum Awards for eGovernment: highly commended
  • CIPD award (sponsored by the Guardian) for RAF Careers site: best recruitment website