General Pharmaceutical Council

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)

Helping build a brand new organisation

Binary Vision has helped our client, the General Pharmaceutical Society (GPhC), come into being – with a growing and adapting online presence to reflect their emergence as the new national regulator for all pharmacies, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists in the UK.

The website has gone through three key phases:

Phase 1: Creating a pre-launch site

The core goal of this site was to update Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians and Managers on the major changes taking place to regulation, to allow them to contribute their input, and to prepare the way for the foundation of the new GPhC.

We created the site using the client’s preferred proprietary CMS, Percussion CM System.

Phase 2: GPhC is born

Following the success of the phase 1 site, Binary Vision was again selected to develop the main GPhC website. We had this new site ready to launch in time for the birth of the GPhC as the national regulator.

Our core audience expanded to include the general public as well as industry professionals, e.g. with information and interactive tools to help them find (and find out about) pharmacists and pharmacies – and, where necessary, to make a complaint.

Phase 3: Building usability

  • Back-end: We have transitioned the site to Drupal 7 (Content Management System) to provide the GPhC with an open-source platform with an emphasis on ease-of-update for their staff.
  • Front end-changes: we delivered a series of interface enhancements, to direct different types of user straight to the information / interaction which is most relevant to them.

Future ideas

We're currently discussing a range of interactive features to build deeper engagement between the GPhC and their website users.

A happy client

"Following the launch, we had a great deal of positive feedback on the clarity of the website and easy access to the information provided by it. All technical components of the build have proved to be robust and accurate. In all my dealings with Rupert, all Binary Vision staff and external contractors in the employ of BV I have found them to be utterly professional, willing to got the extra mile (and beyond) and extremely astute in their field. When our projects have required weekend work, a technical fault occurs and needs instant remedying or when due to our own business needs I have found myself having to call the BV teams outside of regular hours they have leapt into action to provide a solution.

I would not hesitate to use Binary Vision again and certainly cannot recommend them highly enough both as a company but also as very committed individuals who are a pleasure to do business with.” Emma Beals, General Pharmaceutical Council

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