Environmental policy


Binary Vision is committed to minimising the impact on the environmentfrom its operation and products wherever practicable.

The principal commitments are to:

Minimise the generation of waste and recycle all used materials where possible

  • Recycle 95% paper, cardboard and glass (we aim to recycle 100% with a 5% margin for human error.)
  • Recycle 100% computer hardware (PC’s, monitors, printers etc.)
  • Recycle 100% toner cartridges.

Use energy efficiently

  • At least 90% lighting to be low-energy
  • Operate a ‘switch off’ policy with all unused hardware switched overnight or when not in use.

Support home working where practicable

Review and establish objectives and targets for improvement

Encourage all employees to be pro-active in the company’s environmental initiatives

    Binary Vision is demonstrating its commitment to environmentalmanagement having received ISO 14001 accreditation.

    Statements of intent

    • We will implement and maintain
      a documented QHSE management system.
    • We will provide adequate resource
      time people and finance to ensure its sustainability.
    • We will ensure
      that all our employees and associates who come under our control have the requirements of our standards communicated to them and also that we will ensure these requirements are understood. These requirements will be periodically reviewed.
    • We are committed to continual improvement of the integrated management system
      with regard to QHSE activity, Business Improvement, our interaction with the environment and the community.
    • We will strive to prevent injury and ill health to employees or stakeholders
      who are subject to our activities. Detailed analysis will ensure we evaluate root cause of problems and prevent reoccurrence.
    • We are committed to prevention of pollution
      and an improved Environmental performance.
    • We will comply
      with all relevant current and future legislative and other requirements.
    • We will review our QHSE performance
      through appropriate measurement & Analysis to support our continual improvement of the Management system and our associated business performance.
    • We are committed to Customer Service
      Satisfaction and Partnership. Working with our customers and suppliers for enhanced service provision.