Awards, nominations and commendations

Webby award logo

Webby Awards: Honoree

Project: RAF Careers web site (RAF and COI)



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Interactive media award logo

IMA (Interactive Media Awards): Outstanding Achievement

Project: RAF Careers web site (RAF and COI)

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Health Service Journal Award (HSJ)

HSJ (Health Service Journal) Awards: Finalist

Project: Good Attitude (Homerton Hospital / NHS)

Good Attitude feature story »

Association of Healthcare Communicators (AHC)

AHC (Association of Healthcare Communicators) Awards: Highly Commended

Project: Good Attitude (Homerton Hospital / NHS)

Good Attitude case study »

The forum

Forum Awards for e-government: Highly Commended

Project: RAF Careers web site (RAF and COI)

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Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

RNIB “See it Right” (accessibility) Award

Project: WriteAway (Royal Mail)

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development award.

Project: RAF Careers

RAF Careers feature story »

British Interactive Medical (BIMA)

BIMA (British Interactive Multimedia Association) Awards: Nominations and Finalist

Projects: Typhoon Quest (RAF and COI), LoveLife (HEA / NHS), Musicolor (Virgin Interactive)

Typhoon Quest case study »

British Medical Association (BMA)

BMA Awards: Certificate of Merit

Projects: EPS Workshop (AstraZeneca), Core Tutorials in Immunology (Blackwell Publishing) , Classification of Endometriosis (AstraZeneca).

EPS Workshop case study »

Euopean Multimedia Association (EMMA)

EMMA (European Multimedia Awards): Finalist

Projects: LoveLife (HEA / NHS), Musicolor (Virgin Interactive)

LoveLife case study »

Society for Technical Communication (STC)

STC (Society of Technical Communicators) Award

Project: Spectrum Training Multimedia (PerkinElmer)

Spectrum training feature story »

International Visual Communication (IVCA)

International Visual Communication Association

Projects: Asthma Web & Intranet (AstraZeneca), Quaeritur Quest (AstraZeneca)

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